Roofing Repair Services

Brixton & Windsor Roofing can fix troublesome leak issues or provide a Roof tune-up to extend the life of your roof, while providing seamless repair experience from start to finish.

Through and Accurate Inspections

At Brixton & Windsor Roofing, we provide our customers with thorough and accurate inspections to
ensure that their roof is in good condition and does not need to be replaced. We understand the
importance of a sound roof and we want to help you maintain your investment. After our inspection, we will recommend what’s best for your roof. A Roof Repair, Tune-Up or Full Replacement. We only educate and never try to “sell you” on a roof replacement if you don’t need one.

Our Free Roof Inspection includes:

Roof Tune-ups

Our Roof Tune-Up service is designed to address minor roof deficiencies before they become major issues. This can potentially extend the life of your older roof and prevent spending a lot more money on a new roof before you need to.

What’s typically included in a Roof Tune-Up service?

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