Expert Roof Repair in Bothell, WA

Brixton & Windsor Roofing is your trusted source for roof leak repair and roof tune-up services to protect your roof and extend its lifespan. Our roof repair company in Bothell, WA, is always ready to provide the best emergency roof repair experience.

Through and Accurate Inspections

At Brixton & Windsor Roofing, we provide our customers with thorough and accurate inspections to
ensure that their roof is in good condition and does not need to be replaced. We understand the
importance of a sound roof and we want to help you maintain your investment. After our inspection, we will recommend what’s best for your roof. A Roof Repair, Tune-Up or Full Replacement. We aim to educate our customers instead of upselling a roof replacement they may not need.

Our Free Roof Inspection includes:

Roof Tune-ups

Our team performs roof tune-ups to identify and fix minor leaks and other roof problems to avoid more extensive problems later. This can potentially extend the life of your older roof and prevent spending a lot more money on a new roof before you need to.
What’s typically included in a Roof Tune-Up service?

Your Emergency Roof Repair Experts in Bothell, WA

You can trust our team to deliver exceptional results no matter which roof repair services you need. We recognize that leaks and other roofing problems can occur at any time and aim to provide fast, dependable service to restore function and prevent more expensive repairs due to water damage and other concerns. We offer the best roof repair services in the industry, giving you peace of mind that your roof will protect your home from the elements and give your family the comfort you deserve. From roof leak repair to shingle replacement and more, our experienced team works quickly to identify the issue and fix the problem so you can enjoy your beautiful home without worrying about unwanted water damage or pest infestations due to roofing problems. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Brixton & Windsor Roofing is the best roofing company for exceptional customer service and impeccable workmanship. Unlike many roofing companies, Brixton & Windsor goes above and beyond to make clients feel valued, understood, and involved in the process- because we know how important it is to be able to trust your roofing contractors.

Our team is highly skilled, experienced, and passionate about what they do. When it comes to Bothell roof repair, nobody pays greater attention to detail or takes as much pride in their work as the people at Brixton & Windsor.

There are many reasons why the residents of Bothell, WA, require professional roofing services. Over time, roofing systems take some serious heat- figuratively and literally- and roof damage can occur on even the strongest structure.

Some of the most common examples of roof damage that we repair include-

  • Missing shingles
  • Loose tiles
  • Removing debris
  • Moss treatment
  • Securing flashings and vents
  • Identifying and rectifying leaks

What is likely to cause these issues? In Bothell, WA, it is often either wear and tear or weather damage- either from the heat in the summer or storms in the fall and winter seasons. Even the highest-quality roof installations need a bit of care sometimes- and that is where we come in.

No matter how minor the issue may seem, it is essential to contact a pro roofing company to prevent roof damage from getting any worse. If we get to a roof quickly, there is a better chance of fixing things without any major disruption or lengthy jobs- but if the damage is left to fester, it can turn into a much bigger task.

Every roof is different- so every roof cleaning job is different. How long it will take to have your roof professionally cleaned depends on the total size and area of your roof, how much dirt and debris needs to be removed, whether or not there are any access issues, and how many people are working on the job. The pitch and angle of your roof can also make a difference- steeper roofs are harder to work on- and therefore take longer to clean.

In general, it takes at least one full day of work to efficiently clean a roof to our impeccably high standards. Our contractors are the best at what they do- and can do it as time-effectively as possible- but there are elements of roof cleaning that cannot be rushed for quality and safety reasons.

The price of roof repair and replacement services– especially a whole new roof- is entirely dependent on several factors. You can get an accurate quote free of charge by contacting the team at Brixton & Windsor.

Some of the factors that influence the final costs of a new roof include:

  • What materials are being used
  • How big the roof area is
  • How high the roof is
  • What specialist equipment and safety procedures are required
  • Whether or not any removal or repair work is required before the new installation begins
  • How long the job is expected to take
  • Any special licenses required to complete the job

These are just some of the things we take into consideration when providing our free estimate to clients. We understand that people work on different budgets, and do our best to work as cost-efficiently as possible without being forced to compromise on the quality and reliability of our craftsmanship.

Our team is qualified to work with many roofing materials- including asphalt shingle, composite shingles, and metal.

We also work with chimneys, gutters, caulking, drains, and flashing- so really anything you find on a roof, we can work with it to repair any damage and restore its condition.

The length of a roof warranty depends on the types of materials used. There are also different types of warranties- which cover different things and last for different lengths of time.

In roofing, there are two core warranties to consider:

  • Material warranty
  • Workmanship warranty

In many cases – particularly with asphalt or composite shingles, there is a limited lifetime material warranty coverage of sorts. It can often last for a period of between 40 and 50 years.

It is best to speak with your contractors for specifics on your project for material warranty coverage. The inclusions vary, some last longer than others, and it is important to know exactly what you are covered for right from the beginning.

As far as workmanship warranties go, it is completely dependent on the roofing company. Some cover the physical installation for between five and 10 years, others for much longer. At Brixton & Windsor, we are confident in the quality of our work- so every job comes with 25 years of coverage.

Ask us for more details regarding our warranty agreements and how they cover you long-term.

Brixton & Windsor offers every client a free roof inspection and a free estimate for the price of repairing or re-roofing a property. To arrange these services, simply send your details to the team through the form provided on our website.

Our expert roof repair contractors in Bothell will get back to you quickly with a fast and accurate quote- and the option to arrange a site inspection to confirm the details and provide a more detailed estimate. There are no strings attached- it is all part of the excellent customer service we provide.

Acting quickly is vital when it comes to roof repair or any concerns about your roofing system. As a trusted roofing company, we take pride in helping homeowners maintain high standards on their properties- and inspecting the roof free of charge is just one of the ways we help to make it possible.