Our 8 steps process

Plan Ahead

Ensure you have good weather coming up for your project, coordinate delivery of materials and dumpsters. Communicate all this with homeowner.

Respect for Property

Before we begin your roofing project, we cover landscaping plants and other elements that could be disturbed by roofing debris near the home. This includes patios, decks, outdoor furniture, garden beds, sprinkler systems, outdoor lighting and any other fixtures that need protecting.

Removal Of Old Roofing Material

It's also called a roof tear-off and the process is crucial to the replacement of your roof. The roofers will usually start at the point farthest from the dumpster. Part of the crew tears off the roof section by section and the other part makes sure that the torn materials go into the dumpster or land on a protective tarp laid out in your yard.

Roof Decking/Sheathing Inspection

Roof Decking/Sheathing Inspection Once the old roof tear-off is complete, the whole roof decking is inspected. There should be no signs of moisture damage, or holes other than from previous nails. Any repairs needed are performed at this time before the new roof is installed.

New Roof Installation

We install a full layer of underlayment to the roof and ice/water shield to applicable areas, add all new 26-gauge galvanized metal flashing where applicable to ensure water shedding. Add attic ventilation where necessary. then install your new roofing shingles.

Site Clean Up

After your roof has been installed, we are ready for the clean-up process. A thorough cleaning of the roof and house perimeter is performed and a magnetic sweep for loose nails is also done. Once the clean-up is completed. your property should look exactly the same as it did before but with a beautiful new roof.

Final Inspection

The crew will perform an inspection of the finished roof following Brixton & Windsor's check list. They will double check the areas that are known to leak frequently (around penetrations, skylights, chimneys. etc..) and make sure they are properly protected.

Final Meeting

With Company Owner. In addition to the inspection, the owner would like to meet with you. the homeowner, one last time before collecting the final payment. This is done to ensure you are happy with your new roof and our services. If it's possible and safe to do so, the owner will also get up on the roof or use a drone for an additional inspection.

Satisfied Customers


“We are very glad we went with Brixton & Windsor Roofing. The service and knowledge of roofing options was great in helping us make our decision on material for our roof. They also delivered on time and budget. Thanks Brixton & Windsor Roofing for making the experience exceptionally good!”


“Brixton & Windsor did an amazing job on our roof! We worked directly with the owner, and he was excellent when explaining the whole process and answering out questions. Their website is also very helpful for us roof noobies :)The crew was very efficient and very respectful during the job. They did a great job cleaning up and even did a magnetic sweep for loose nails during the final cleanup.”



“Great experience working with Brixton & Windsor Roofing. They did an excellent job with everything, from the estimate and explanation of the work, to the installation and clean up after all the work was done. Extremely Professional, Knowledgeable & Timely!! Recommend them to everyone.”

Ana Burrows


“Very professional, on time and did a great job on our new roof. Daniel was very helpful and quick to address all our questions and concerns.”


“Brixton & Windsor were great from beginning to end- from the first time we reached out for a consult to delivery. Great communication about our options and timeline. I would highly recommend their roofing services!”


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